Frequently Asked Question

How do I sign up?
Contact us 
with your Name, Age, Contact Number and Email. You will be required to complete a consent form prior to the class. You will be emailed a consent form to complete and bring with you to your session (Under 18s require a parent or guardian signature), if you have problems printing let us know.
The process to start is as simple as sign a consent form and decide whether to pay as you go or opt for a monthly membership, no contracts.  You must book in classes prior to attending.

What should I wear?
The best option is to wear shorts and T-shirt or Compression Top. However to start with you can wear any comfortable sportswear, just no jewellery or zips on clothing.

What equipment do I need?

Depending on  the class different equipment is required:
Kickboxing - Boxing gloves and Shin guards
MMA - 6oz-7oz MMA gloves
BJJ (Gi) - BJJ Gi
All Classes - Gum shield and Groin Guard is recommend but not required to start (these are essential for sparring classes)
NOTE: We do sell equipment at the gym should you wish to purchase them.

Do I need to get fit before starting?
Definitely not, the best way to get fit is by starting. You can work at your own pace at all the beginner friendly classes. You will be surprised how quick your fitness will improve. (If you have any existing health conditions please check with your doctor first.)

Any other questions do not hesitate to Contact Us