Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

ACE 'MMA Program' is where the arts are blended together. You will learn how to take an opponent down, how to defend an opponent taking you down, wrestling against the cage, grappling with strikes and learn submissions effective in the sport of MMA. 

Classes consist of technique drills which develop muscle memory, live drills to help turn the technique into skill and controlled sparring to learn how to utilise the techniques in a more realistic situation.

At ACE you train smart. This means that every individual will be training and progressing at their own level. You will not be required to do anything you are unable to do until you reach the adequate level. 

The MMA Program is perfect for anyone that wants to learn something new, has self defence goals, enjoys learning practical martial arts or for anyone interested in competing in the sport of MMA.

The ACE 'MMA Program' is led by Two Weight European Champion and former No1 Flyweight Shaj 'Superman' Haque.

Equipment Required:
BLUE Classes - 7oz MMA Glove to start, Shin Guards recommended but not essential to start. MMA gloves can be borrowed for trial period only.
Advanced - Gum Shield, Groin Guard, 7oz MMA Gloves, Shin Guard

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