ACE Kids Program

ACE Kids Program "Learning through play." Kids learn best when they are playing, that is why the ACE Kids Program consists of the perfect balance between learning skills, developing fitness and having fun. 

Bubble Classes (4-13yrs) - Each child is to be paired with either a parent/guardian or sibling 8 yrs+ from the same household or bubble. This session will consist of light contact within bubbles, such as padwork, technique drills and games. Booking siblings for this class only requires 1 space, however payment or membership is required for both participating kids. (Free for Parent/Guardians).

Kickboxing - These classes kids will learn how to punch, kick and knee, along with defensive skills. Classes will consist of padwork, technique drills, light contact drills/sparring, fitness and games.

BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) - These classes cover grappling and wrestling, kids will learn takedowns, sweeps, controlled submissions. Classes consist of technique drills, light contact drills/sparring, fitness and games. (A BJJ Gi is required for Gi classes.)

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) - These classes consist of boxing and kickboxing along with some wrestling and grappling, learning both offensive and defensive skills. Classes consist of padwork, technique drills, fitness and games.

New members must contact us prior to booking first class.

Please check age group prior to booking to ensure class is suitable for your child.

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