ACE Kids Program

ACE Kids Program "Learning through play." Kids learn best when they are playing, that is why the ACE Kids Program consists of the perfect balance between learning skills, developing fitness and having fun.

Our kids program is unique and ran by three of our Senior Coaches who are experts in their fields; Shaj Haque, Shamsul Haque and Jordan Cooper, combined they have over 40 years of experience.

The 2 primary aspects of MMA is the striking (Kickboxing) and the grappling/wrestling (Brazliain Jiu Jitsu). For kids it is best to train these areas separately which helps them develop a strong foundation in each area allowing them to blend it together for MMA as they mature or specialise in either discipline should they prefer one over the other.

Tiny Titans (4-7yrs) - This program is for our smallest yet most energetic members, it is a mix of Kickboxing and BJJ training. These classes focus on developing transferable skills such as balance, coordination, fitness and confidence. The classes consist of fitness drills, technique drills with fun and games, covering the fundamental areas of Kickboxing and BJJ.

Junior Titans (7-13yrs) - This program is split into 2 separate classes of Kickboxing and BJJ. Kids can attend whichever class they wish to there is no commitment required.

Kickboxing - in these classes kids will learn how to punch, kick and knee, along with defensive skills. Classes will consist of padwork, technique drills, light contact drills/sparring, fitness and games.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) - These classes cover grappling and wrestling, kids will learn takedowns, sweeps and controlled submissions. Classes consist of technique drills, light contact drills/sparring, fitness and games. A BJJ Gi is required for Gi classes.

BEATDOWN - The ACE Beatdown is where the kids have the opportunity to test their skills against one of their coaches. A Beatdown Champion is crowned and the child's name goes on the champion board until the next one. This occurs once every 2 Months on a Saturday Morning. 'Unfortunately no one can truly be told what the Beatdown is, they must experience it for themselves.'

Start a FREE WEEK Trial Now! Simply choose your first class and contact us to let us know you are coming. Please attend 10 minutes early for the first class to complete a consent form . The FREE WEEK Trial begins from the first class so there is no need to wait to start. There is no catch, simply try the free week and then decide. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.