ACE 'Kickboxing Program' is effective for both Kickboxing and MMA. You will learn how to punch, kick, knee and elbow. In this program you will learn the basics of attacking and defending strikes, and progress to learning combinations, timing, set ups, footwork and head movement.

Classes consist of pad work to develop technique, power and fitness, and light contact drills to develop timing, accuracy and rhythm. Classes also consist of controlled sparring which varies between boxing and kickboxing rounds.

At ACE you train smart. This means that every individual will be training and progressing at their own level. Beginners will not be required to do advanced sparring until an adequate level is reached and volunteer to do so.

The ACE 'Kickboxing Program' is led by 2 Elite Coaches, Straw-weight Champion Shamsul Haque and Two-Weight European Champion Shaj 'Superman' Haque

Equipment Required: 

BLUE Classes- Boxing Gloves to start, Shin guards recommended but not essential to start. Boxing Gloves can be borrowed for trial period only.

Advanced - Gum Shield, Groin Guard, 16oz Boxing Gloves, Shin Guards.

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