Covid 19 Measures

We have put measures in place to abide by government guidelines. Please do not feel overwhelmed with the procedures, we understand this is new to everyone including ourselves. Although it may appear to be a lot, rest assured staff will be available to help throughout.

Please read the following carefully


All Programs

-       Please do NOT attend ACE MMA if you or anyone in your household has any Covid-19 Symptoms. These can be found at

-       Please do NOT attend ACE MMA if you are classed high risk from Covid-19.

-       Class booking will be required to secure your space. If you attend without booking, and spaces are full you will be unable to participate.

-       Please use designated sanitiser station upon entry.

-       One way system will be used to exit during class switch overs.

-       Maintain social distance whilst moving around premises.

-       Limited space in changing rooms available, please come changed where possible.

-       Designated areas will be clearly marked out for each class.

-       No shared Gloves or Shin Guards, all participants need their own gear. Equipment can be purchased at the premises.


Adult Program

-       Classes will be 50 minutes allowing time in between classes to enter and exit.

-       Entry will be allowed 5 minutes prior to the session start time.

-       Adult Classes will be limited to 10 spaces. A pair from the same household or bubble can share 1 space and do contact training.


Kids Program

-       Classes will be 30 minutes allowing time in between classes to enter and exit.

-       Doors will open 15 minutes prior to start time. Parents are to queue outside front entrance until advised to enter.

-       There will be a one way system to drop off, register, make payments and exit. The same system for pick up. Staff will help guide this.

-       There will be 2 types of kids classes, Solo (8-13yrs) & Bubble (4-13years).

Solo will be a non-contact class. Bubble will be a paired class (kids from the same household or a parent/guardian share 1 space).

-       Kids Classes will be limited to 14 spaces (Solo) & 10 Spaces (Bubble).

-       Kids under 8 years old can only do Bubble classes (Temporarily). (Child can pair with parent/guardian or 8yrs+ sibling).

For any queries Contact Us