Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

ACE 'BJJ Program' is where you learn the gentle yet arguably most effective martial art. The program consists of BJJ in both No-Gi (any sportswear is worn) and Gi (Kimono Gi and Belt is worn). This program is primarily based on grappling. You will learn how to control an opponent from both top and bottom positions, along with submissions from various situations.

Classes consist of drills to learn new techniques, live drills to understand when to use the techniques and positional sparring to practice techniques against resistance. Classes also consist of grapple sparring (aka 'rolling'), these are friendly BJJ sparring rounds where you can safely practice all of your learned skills in a live situation.

At ACE you train smart. This means that every individual will be training and progressing at their own level. All of our athletes help one an another regardless of size, age or rank.

The BJJ Program is perfect if you want to learn the gentle art of BJJ and progress through the belt gradings, or for those looking to further improve their ground game for MMA.

This program is suitable for all levels from beginners to professional athletes. ACE Coaches will always teach variations for both beginners and advanced athletes.

The ACE 'BJJ Program' is led by Elite BJJ Instructor and Multiple time British Champion Jordan Cooper

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