Beginners Guide to MMA

New to combat sports? We have great beginner classes to learn all the basics alongside other beginners, so you don't have to wait to start.

MMA is generally divided into 2 key components, the striking and the grappling. At first it is easier to train these separately. Therefore, if you are completely new to combat sports and want to get into MMA, we recommend starting with Kickboxing and BJJ classes. After a few of these classes, you will gain a basic understanding and develop skills in both striking and grappling. It is then much easier to put them together in the MMA classes.

The BLUE classes on the Timetable are perfect for beginners who want to learn all the fundamentals or for those who just want to get fit while learning skills.

There are 3 types of classes.

Kickboxing - Covers attacking and defending strikes such a punches and kicks.

BJJ - Covers grappling, such as takedowns and submissions both offensively and defensively.

MMA - Covers the basics of blending both the striking and grappling.

To start your FREE WEEK Trial, simply contact us with the class you would like to start with. Please attend 10 minutes early for the first class to complete a consent form . The FREE WEEK Trial begins from your first day, so you don't have to wait to start. There is no catch, simply try the free week and then decide.  

There is no contracts on monthly passes and we also have a pay as you go option.

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